Insert Degree Symbol In Windows, Mac, Android, And iOS [updated]

Get Degree Symbol 2021
Insert Degree Simbol in Windows

Sometimes while writing a document you might want to use a symbol that the keyboard does not provide, mostly we need the degree symbol which surprisingly the keyboard does not provide us.

The degree symbol is generally used when we write about temperatures, or just want to solve a math( geometry) assignment but it is a hassle to insert it in our document as some people don’t know where to find it.

In this article, we will cover some of the ways we can Insert a Degree Symbol in our documents.

Insert degree symbol in Windows

Several methods can be followed if you want to insert a degree symbol in your Windows operating system.

Keyboard keys combination

The first and the fastest way of inserting a degree symbol in a document is by pressing some combinations on your keyboard.

All you have to do is (while typing in a document) hold down the alt key and from the number keypad type 0176 and after you release the alt key a degree symbol will appear on your screen.

Alt + 0176


Alt + 248

Keyboard Keys Combination
Keys Combination

Make sure that the num lock is active while pressing keys on the number pad. The only limitation of this method is that you should have a numeric keypad on your keyboard. The top number keys row will not work.

Insert symbol in Microsoft Word

Ms Word
Microsoft Word

If you are writing a document in Microsoft Word, it is fairly easy to insert a degree symbol in that word document. Just go to the insert option and select symbol From here set all the options as given in the picture below and there you will find a degree symbol.

Create a custom keyboard shortcut for the degree symbol in Microsoft Word

Custom Keyboard Shortcut
Custom Keyboard Shortcut

You can also create a shortcut key for this symbol in case you want to keep using it again and again. Click on the shortcut key and in the Press new shortcut key box just press the combination you want to use in the future whenever you need to type a degree symbol.

Insert degree symbol using Character Map app in Windows

Character Map
Character Map

Now this one is not as quick as the ones above but it comes in handy if you are typing a document in a text document instead of using any Microsoft word application. So to use a degree symbol in it download an app called “character map” search for this app in the start menu and start downloading it.

After you download you will start seeing it in the start menu. So now whenever you want to insert a symbol from the character map just select this app from the Start menu and start using it. Just search for the symbol in the search for a bar of this app like in this case “degree symbol” and simply click on it and copy it from the characters to copy bar and now you can paste it in any document that you want.

Insert degree symbol in Mac

Like in a Windows laptop keyboard you cannot find a degree symbol on the keyboard same is the case with a Mac Book. So to insert a degree symbol in Mac OS follow some of the methods given below.

Insert degree symbol in Mac Word

To insert a degree symbol in Mac’s word document it’s as same as in Microsoft word document. Go to insert->symbols and from here select the degree symbol.

Insert degree symbol in Android

Insert Degree Sybmol in Android1
Insert Degree Sybmol in Android1

Insert Degree Sybmol in Android 2
Insert Degree Sybmol in Android 2

Inserting a degree symbol in Android is relatively easy as it is provided in the keyboard itself. All you have to do is go to the numeric and symbol keys and press the ALT key and you will find the degree key in the second row.

Insert degree symbol in iOS/iPhone

Insert Degree Sybmol in Android
Insert Degree Sybmol in Android

In OS to you can insert the degree symbol from just your keyboard. First, hit the “123” button to see the numerical keypad. Now you can access the degree sign with a tap and hold the 0 (zero) key. This will reveal the degree symbol, this can be selected through a pop-up menu that appears over the key. There you go, these are simple methods of inserting a degree symbol in your documents.


Make sure you use these methods next time to add a degree symbol to your text on your device.

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